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Avamar Backup of a Windows VM fails with the error: Protocol error from VMX

Written by Rob Steele. Posted in Data Deduplication, EMC Avamar, Microsoft, Troubleshooting, Virtualization, VMware

Recently on a new install of Avamar version 6.1; I had a VMware Image based backup fail with error 10007. Upon further investigation of the backup job log I noticed that the snapshot failed with: A general system error occured: Protocol error from VMX. This is a good example of two very vague errors on both the backup system and the virtual infrastructure. So to further investigate we needed to look deeper into the vmware.log file…

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Avamar 6.1 Unified Proxy Appliance for VMware

Written by Rob Steele. Posted in Backup, Data Deduplication, EMC Avamar, VMware

Avamar VMware Image Level Backup I’m going back over some of the new differences in Avamar 6.1 and am very impressed with the enhancements that Avamar now has with VMware image based backups. Before version 6.1 you needed a seperate image proxy for Linux and a seperate proxy for Windows, now with the new proxy design both Operating Systems have been integrated into one proxy. Not only does the proxy support both OS’s but now it also supports File Level Recovery to both OS’s where as Windows was only supported previously. To be more specific; the Unified Proxy now supports Windows NTFS, and Linux ext2, ext3, and LVM. The proxy does NOT support the following: Windows GPT Partitions, Windows Dynamic disks, Extended Partitions, Encypted Partitions, Compressed Partitions, or XFS.

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Warning 6698 VSS exception code 0x800706be thrown freezing volumes – The remote procedure call failed

Written by Rob Steele. Posted in Backup, Data Deduplication, EMC Avamar, Troubleshooting

When you try to create shadow copies on large volumes that have a small cluster size (less than 4 kilobytes), or if you take snapshots of several very large volumes at the same time, the VSS software provider may use a larger paged pool memory allocation during the shadow copy creation than is required. If there is not sufficient paged pool memory available for the allocation, the shadow copy cannot complete and may cause the loss of all previous shadow copy tasks. Follow this article and apply the fix:

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Troubleshooting: A checkpoint validation (hfscheck) of server checkpoint data is overdue.

Written by Rob Steele. Posted in EMC Avamar, Troubleshooting

Event ID: 114113 Description: Checkpoint validations (hfschecks) of server Checkpoints are performed to ensure that checkpoints are valid for disaster recovery needs. A regularly scheduled hfscheck did not take place as scheduled. If hfschecks are not being performed disaster recovery may not be possible. Remedy: Check to make sure that checkpoint is configured and enable it if it’s not. Check to make sure checkpoint validation is configured and enable it if it’s not. If checkpoint and validation are enabled and schedule and either no checkpoint was taken or no validation occurred, contact your support center.

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